The north is the key to Israel's future

The University of Haifa is a microcosm of Israeli society dedicated to academic excellence and social responsibility.

Our 18,000 students represent the most pluralistic student body in Israel – Jews, Arabs, Druze, military officers and new immigrants from around the world including the former Soviet Union, Ethiopia and South America - come together to study, research, socialise and share knowledge in an atmosphere of co-existence, tolerance and mutual respect.


The university was founded in 1972 and its vast campus atop Mount Carmel boasts six faculties: Social Sciences; Education; Social Welfare and Health Sciences; Science and Science Education; Humanities; and Law. It is well-known for its novel interdisciplinary programmes, co-operative endeavours with academic institutes world-wide, as well as its own research programmes.

The British Friends of Haifa University have played an important role in helping the growth of the University. We have championed projects such as the construction of student dormitories, the establishment of the Law Faculty, the Jacobs Building for the Haifa Graduate School of Management and, most recently, the new Hatter Student Building.

The University of Haifa hosts some of the most unique schools in Israel. Our three most recently established schools – the School of Public Health, the School of Marine Sciences, and the Graduate School of Creative Arts Therapies are the only ones of their type and calibre in Israel and abroad. Our research centres and state-of-the-art facilities in fields such as rehabilitation, memory and cognition, psychological stress, Jewish education, natural resources and learning disabilities, have a direct impact on shaping a brighter reality for Israeli society and the world.

As the only comprehensive research university in northern Israel, we are committed to develop this region, which is one of the most challenged in Israel. Just two hours away, the social, economic and cultural gaps between the North and the Centre of Israel are vast. As the Centre becomes quickly saturated, it's the North that holds the key to the future of Israel. So, our involvement with the local communities of the Galilee is an integral part of our mission. Students and academic staff lead and take part in community outreach projects such as our Legal Aid Clinics; IHEAR Centre for Early Childhood Hearing Problems; and Community Theatre.

Come and see Haifa University for yourself and you'll find an exciting world of science, health and humanities.