6 Dec 2016 

Join the UK Task Force, New Israel Fund, and the British Friends of Haifa University for an illuminating discussion with Prof Sammy Smooha on the current trends and future direction of Jewish-Arab relations in Israel. 

Sammy Smooha is professor of sociology at the University of Haifa specialising in Arab-Jewish relations in Israel. Through the Arab-Jewish Annual Index, Prof Smooha has been monitoring and analysing attitudes of Jews and Arabs towards each other for 13 years now. Widely published on the internal divisions in Israeli society, Prof Smooha won the Israel Prize for Sociology in 2008.

When: Tuesday 6th December 2016, 8.00-9.30am

Where: W1

For more details please contact Tali Sayar at 020 7580 3479 or friends@haifa-univ.org.uk