13 March 2017

Milbank together with British Friends of Haifa University are pleased to invite you to a breakfast meeting with Prof. Niva Elkin-Koren, an expert on cyber and law and head of the newly established Centre for Cyber, Law and Policy at the University of Haifa, Israel.

Israel’s National Cyber Bureau has partnered with the University of Haifa to shape Israel’s national policies relating to cyber security and law. As new cyber security measures may upset the checks and balances which secure civil liberties, foster economic opportunities and protect the free flow of information, there is an urgent need for innovative technological and legal solutions to balance competing public interests. Prof. Elkin-Koren will discuss the intersection between law and technology that has become a major priority for governments and legal systems around the world.

A Doctor of Stanford University, Prof. Elkin-Koren is a former Dean of Law at the University of Haifa and Founding Director of the Haifa Centre for Law & Technology. She is also an Associate Fellow at the Berkman Klein Centre for Internet and Society at Harvard University.

When: Monday 13th March, 8.30-10.00am

Where: The City

For more details please contact Tali Sayar at 020 7580 3479 orfriends@haifa-univ.org.uk