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Research & Development

Haifa-Cambridge autism research collaboration

Haifa and Cambridge universities are proud to collaborate in the field of genetics and early detection of autism. Read more . . .

Stop the Israel’s Brain Drain – support Returning Scientists


Digging Deeper: Featuring Haifa University's Archaeologists


School of the Arts at the University of Haifa

From Surviving to Thriving

Israel's refugee crisis: from surviving to thriving


Cyber Security Laboratory


Haifa-Cambridge research: detection of autism before birth


The Laboratory of Breast Cancer Dormancy and Metastasis

Medical Clowning Proposal Aug 09

Where Innovation Meets Inspiration

PR65-Artificial light and cancer-1

Connection between Light At Night (LAN) and cancer revealed in additional study

Proposal for ARTS Cancer research 12-7-09-1

ARTS-based Therapy: A Frontline Defense Against Cancer

synagogue proposal  wall july 2010-1

The Gaon Rabbi Eliyahu Synagogue

School of Public Health

The Right To"healTh foR all"


Voice test could catch Parkinson's years earlier

new faculty of social welfare and health sciences complex project

New Faculty of Social Welfare and Health Sciences Complex Project