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Gift Aid

Gift Aid is available for cash donations of all values provided the appropriate election is made

When you use Gift Aid , your donation can be worth 28p more per £1 donated. There is no cost to you. Higher rate taxpayers receive additional tax relief.

Download a Gift Aift Donation Form


More about Gift Aid

Cash gifts include payments made by cheque, bank transfer or credit card.

You can give up to £5 million through the Gift Aid scheme each tax year. (The tax year runs from 6 April of one year to 5 April of the next.) Gift Aid tax relief is intended for routine gifts, not for payments to buy goods and services for the donor or his or her family.

The gift must have no strings attached, and there must be no significant benefits received by you or anyone connected with you in return for the gift.

Basic rate taxpayers pay tax of £282 on every £1,000 of income. Under the Gift Aid scheme, if you give £1,000 to University of Haifa UK, we can reclaim that tax of £282, increasing the actual value of your donation to £1,282.

In addition, if you pay higher rate tax, you can claim the difference between the basic and higher rate bands, worth £231, for your own benefit in your tax return. This means that a donation worth £1,282 to University of Haifa UK will only cost you, as a higher rate taxpayer, £769.