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What is Unique about Haifa University?

  • The University of Haifa is a microcosm of Israeli society dedicated to academic excellence and social responsibility.

  • An exciting and inspiring cultural mosaic, the university has the most diverse student population in Israel, with 18,000 students. Jews, Arabs, Druze, new immigrants, IDF officers and security personnel come together to study, research, socialize and share knowledge in an atmosphere of coexistence, tolerance, and mutual respect.

  • The youngest university in Israel, established in 1972

  • The only comprehensive research university in northern Israel, the Galilee

  • The University of Haifa hosts some of the most unique schools in Israel. Our three most recently established schools – the School of Public Health, the Leon H. Charney School of Marine Sciences, and the Graduate School of Creative Arts Therapies are the only ones of their type and calibre in Israel and abroad. Our new schools and state-of-the-art facilities bring students to the forefront of research in their respective fields.

  • We have a unique partnership with the Israel Defence Forces whereby the IDF's future leadership and the decision-makers of the tomorrow study in our prestigious Havatzalot project for select members of the Intelligence Corps, in our Naval Officers course, and in the University's National Security Studies Centre. We are training senior IDF officers in modern social science and strategic thinking.

  • The University is also positioning itself as a forerunner in the sciences to lead the northern region into tomorrow's breakthroughs, to influence Jewish scientists abroad and enable us not only to prevent brain drain but also to bring Jewish brains back home to Israel in a true act of Zionism.

  • The University is proud of international collaboration - with top research centers throughout the world, as well as shared research projects with renowned scientists across the globe.

  • In 2008 the University received certification by the Ministry of Environmental Protection as a "Green Campus" in order to strengthen our green and environmental standing and, at the same time, to conserve precious resources and improve process efficiency.