The Ezri Centre for Iran & Persian Gulf Studies

The main mission of the Ezri Centre for Iran & Persian Gulf Studies is to promote research, achieve a better and deeper understanding, and provide crucial insights into the society, economy, politics, religion and culture of Iran and other countries of the Persian Gulf, through the expertise of a sterling team of specialists and the employment of interdisciplinary tools and methods.

The Centre was founded by Meir Ezri z"l, Israel's first ambassador to Iran. Throughout his mission to Iran, Ezri was awarded many decorations by the Shah and the government of Iran. In 2006, he realised his dream of founding the Ezri Centre for Iran and Persian Gulf Studies at the University of Haifa. Today, his granddaughter Dr. Efrat Sopher serves as an Advisor & Board Member of the Centre and is a University of Haifa UK Trustee. 

Marine Sciences at the University of Haifa

The most comprehensive school of Marine Sciences in Israel can be found at the University of Haifa. The Leon H. Charney School of Marine Sciences is a unique initiative on a global scale, applying an interdisciplinary approach with highly professional standards. The school sets to discover the potential of the sea for the benefit of all Mediterranean-bound nations and the world at large through the its Departments of Maritime Civilizations, Marine Geosciences, Marine Biology,  Marine Technologies and the Research Centre for Maritime Policy & Strategy.

Maritime strategy is more important than ever in a country already affected by global threats such as international terror, illegal immigration and smuggling of arms and drugs, in combination with recent discoveries of large-scale offshore gas fields. The University of Haifa is the only non-military entity generating position papers in the field and it contributes to governmental decision making while encouraging public discourse on issues of maritime and naval strategy.

The Helmsley Health Discovery Tower

The University of Haifa has partnered with Rambam Health Care Campus and the Technion-Israel Institute of Technology, to construct a 20-story powerhouse for medical care, education, and research. It will include six floors for the University of Haifa’s research, eight floors for the Rambam Health Care Campus, two floors for the Technion and four floors of a Med-Tech Innovation Centre.

Haifa is increasingly recognised as a home for international hi-tech and biomedical companies. Major players including Johnson & Johnson, General Electric, Philips Healthcare, Google and Intel are based in Haifa. The unique collaborative opportunities offered by this powerful partnership are predicted to lead to unprecedented progress in the economy, industry and quality of life for Haifa and its surroundings.

Strengthening the Community

To University of Haifa, commitment to strengthening its local community is a top priority and a key component of measuring its success. The University sees itself as an integral part of society where instance, the underprivileged seek help with childcare at our interdisciplinary nursery clinics for hearing problems, and where Law Clinics address the concerns of neglected citizens – the elderly, sick children and women at risk who have poor access to legal representation.

The Rector’s flagship projects are part of the University’s approach to promoting solidarity and minimising social exclusion. One such project is the Ethiopian heritage preservation project which includes the documentation and collection of stories of the community, for the benefit of future generations. Another project involves Gerontology students who study alongside the local elderly community and actively address the issues concerning them.