Iran Modern: The Empress of Art

On November 26th 2018, Assouline Publishing House and the Ezri Centre for Iran & Persian Gulf Studies at the University of Haifa hosted an historic event with former Empress of Iran Farah Pahlavi and authors Miranda Darling and Viola Raikhel-Bolot to celebrate the launch of Iran Morden: The Empress of Art

The tea reception was followed by Q&A with Dr. Efrat Sopher whose grandfather Meir Ezri was Israel's Ambassador to Iran during the Shah's reign. Dr. Sopher is a Trustee of the University of Haifa UK and an Advisor to the University’s Ezri Centre. There was a wonderful "feel good" factor recapturing the cultural freedom many enjoyed in the Shah's time, imbued then with tolerance for all faiths and full acceptance of Israel.



London Screening of “Forgotten Soldier”

Sally Noach’s refusal to tell his family about his actions during the war meant that his children had little idea of their father’s massive rescue operation in Lyon in the early 1940s. Almost four decades after the Dutch businessman’s death, his daughter, Lady Irene Hatter, embarks on a journey to find out the truth behind her father’s bravery, which helped save the lives of hundreds of Jews. 

The London screening of this film will take place on Nov 19th as part of the UKJFF (now sold out)  and at JW3 at a date soon to be confirmed. To join the waiting list for the Nov 19th screening, please contact UKJFF.

Lady Irene Hatter is Co-Chair of University of Haifa UK and this film was commissioned with the goal of promoting awareness and educating the next generation about the holocaust. 


Tech Guru Mooly Eden in London

Mooly Eden, Chair of the University's Executive Committee was featured as a guest speaker at an event held in London by the University of Haifa UK in partnership with UK Israel Business, at the offices of White & Case law firm. Mooly gave a talk to near a hundred business professionals about the future of artificial intelligence & robotics. The audience were captivated and intrigued throughout the talk which was followed by drinks, canapés and mingling. 

UK Gala Dinner

UK Co-Chairs, Lady Irene Hatter and Mr Peter Kadas hosted a gala dinner at the Jumeirah Carlton Tower in London to support Haifa’s International Holocaust Research Institute and to preview “The Story That Had to Be Told”, a film about WWII resistance hero, Sally Noach. The event included compelling guest speakers and was a wonderful success raising over $500,000.